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browse our complete range of products, including Dr Schulze's Superfood Plus, in our online store
browse our complete range of products, including Dr Schulze's Superfood Plus, in our online store


Many people develop points of weakness in the wall of the bowel. This can cause the muscle layer to bulge and form small pockets called diverticula which protrude through the colon wall. They may not cause any symptoms but in many people the pockets create an area of stagnation. Waste matter will collect and inflammation will develop, creating diverticulitis. Inflammation anywhere is characterised by pain and swelling and it is usually abdominal discomfort and cramping pain, bloating and constipation that will encourage people to seek a diagnosis which can be confirmed by colonoscopy. Occasionally the inflammatory changes can cause infection and more general symptoms such as fever may develop. While rectal bleeding is a rare complication of diverticulitis, it is essential that any blood in the stool is investigated by your doctor. It is generally accepted that a low-fibre diet and lack of physical exercise are contributing factors. The condition was unknown in highly developed industrial countries until the introduction of refined grains and processed foods. It is almost entirely absent in populations that maintain a traditional whole grain and high vegetable diet.

Foods & herbs for the home

  • Initially avoid high-fibre foods and allow the colon to rest. Buy a juicer because juicing fruits and vegetables removes insoluble fibre; fresh juices provide first class nutrition and are easy to digest. 
  • Dr Schulze's Superfood Plus is another option and is perhaps the easiest method of providing an instant and nutritious meal.
  • Nutritious pureed food is fine to eat if most of the fibre has been removed. Cook apples (with peel and pips) in spring water and add cinnamon, vanilla or nutmeg to flavour. Sieve the pulp and eat daily mixed with arrowroot powder (this is easy to buy).
  • Slippery Elm Plus Powder is soothing and healing to the mucous membrane of the gut. Mix a teaspoon into some stewed fruit or plain organic yoghurt and take 4-5 times a day until the inflammation, bleeding and pain subside.
  • When the colon has started to heal itself, try steaming your vegetables, and try very small amounts of finely grated de-skinned carrots and beetroots as an effort to approach raw foods. Make vegetable purees in the liquidizer, but leave the skin on.
  • After a few weeks quinoa and eventually rice can be tried and then all the other whole grains. It is very important that all grains and food are well chewed. Breaking down fibre in the mouth is an effective way of ensuring better digestion further along in the colon.
  • Psyllium Husks are an indispensable way to add bulk to the colon and ensure that constipation is avoided while dietary changes are being established.
  • Maintain a high fluid intake to reduce the likelihood of constipation. As well as water, freshly prepared juices and herbal teas are perfect and add essential nutrients.

Natural healing

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